Real estate is our specialty, whether it’s listing photos from a small residence, or a full photo/video marketing package for a luxury ranch listing. Aaron Yates has served the real estate industry in this capacity since 2010, and has photographed over 3,000 listings in over 60 counties in the State of Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, and Oregon. What sets us apart is our experience, our equipment, our eye for detail, and and our insistence on high quality imagery.

Pricing for real estate photography varies by type and size of listing, and is also shaped by the amount of time, labor, and expense that is applied to a project. A standard residential real estate listing in Kerrville, Texas, with only still photography at ground-level is priced at $175 plus tax. Additional services, such as aerial photos, video, and other deliverables are priced based on those factors mentioned above. See the chart below for standard residential real estate listings, and know that we’re always happy to provide a free quote for your larger projects.

Farm & Ranch Projects

We do a fair amount of residential work, but most of our time is spent on larger ranch projects. Our specialty is large acreage with exceptional improvements. We have photographed and filmed over 500 such properties since 2010. Since these projects are each unique, there is no “standard pricing” for these services. Deliverables can include ground-level photography (interiors and exteriors of improvements, landscapes, etc.), aerial photography, and aerial/ground video edited into a marketing piece. We’re happy to provide you with a cost estimate based on your specific farm and ranch needs.

Contact us to discuss your larger projects.

Standard Residential Photography
  • Plus Tax
  • Residential lots in Kerrville consisting of less than 3,500 square feet of finished living spaces
  • Includes ~30 ground-level images
  • Fully edited
  • Delivered in high resolution and reduced size for MLS
Large Residential Photography
  • Plus Tax
  • Residential lots in Kerrville consisting of 3,500-5,000 square feet of finished living spaces
  • Includes ~40 ground-level images
  • Fully edited
  • Delivered in high resolution and reduced size for MLS
Add Aerial Photos to a Shoot
  • Plus Tax
  • Applies only as an “add-on” to a listing package from the above list.
  • Includes 12+ aerial photos
  • Fully edited
  • Delivered in high resolution and reduced size
Video Packages starting at
  • Plus Tax
  • Video packages are priced on an hourly basis, and typically consist of a full-featured photo shoot, aerials, and a video walkthrough tour with or without narration. Contact us for more information or a custom quote.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I find out your availability and pricing, and/or book your services?

Contact us by emailing or text us at 830-214-7635. Phone calls are difficult for us to receive during daylight hours, as we’re typically with clients on shoots, or even on ranches that are out of cell signal range. An email or text with your basic question or property information will allow us to get back to you with answers as quickly as possible.

How does weather affect the shoot?

For most of our projects, weather is a critical factor. To put the property’s best foot forward, we need sunshine. The sunlight provides color, contrast, shadows, and highlights architectural details that are lost on overcast days. We cannot shoot exterior photos when it’s raining, and the drone can’t fly during rain or thunderstorms or fog. If weather will be a factor for your shoot, we’ll let you know as soon as we see it in the forecast. We recommend rescheduling on inclement weather days if possible.

What time of day is best to shoot?

This will depend on multiple factors, such as the property type, its topography, building orientation, and architectural elements. The best light usually occurs during the last three hours of daylight, and sunset/twilight shoots are scheduled for sunset plus thirty minutes.

Should we add a sunset or twilight shoot? What about sunrise?

We strongly discourage sunrise shoots. The weather in the mornings is somewhat unpredictable, and more often than not, we are left with overcast, hazy, or muggy atmosphere that is hard to forecast, and your investment is wasted on mediocre photos. It’s not uncommon for us to have to revisit sites over and over again to find the perfect sunrise. In one case, for an architect, we traveled to a site eight times before we saw sunlight in the morning, which was a very expensive endeavor.

Sunsets, by contrast, are easier to forecast and predict if it will be a good or bad condition. It’s easier to look around a site and find a good sunset spot. Still, we have found that “great” sunsets only occur about once every two weeks during most times of year. So it’s still a gamble, but even if the sunset isn’t spectacular, that late-evening light, known as the “golden hour” is typically great for exterior photos and videos.

Sunrise and sunset shoots do incur additional cost. We have a 100/200 mile rule for sunrise and sunsets — during Standard time the 100 mile rule is in effect, and during Daylight Saving Time, the 200 mile rule is in effect. We charge $150 per diem in addition to our hourly rates for sunrise and sunsets that are taken more than 100/200 miles from Kerrville. This allows us to safely travel to and from your site with the option of staying overnight.

Local sunrise/sunset shoots do not incur the per diem fee, but are usually billed on an hourly basis for shooting and editing, since it does require additional time and labor to produce these images.

How should we (agent or seller) prepare the property for the shoot day?

We have a list of tasks that should be completed BEFORE we arrive for the shoot. We will be happy to email that list to you. No one is required to do every single item on the list, but the more that is completed, the better the property will look.

If we have to take time and labor to clean, organize, declutter, move furniture, or perform other housekeeping tasks on the shoot day, we do charge for our time whilst doing so. It’s best to have it all done BEFORE we arrive.

How long will the shoot take?

Standard residential shoots up to about 5,000 square feet typically take about an hour to complete. Sometimes a little less, and rarely a little more. Adding video usually doubles the amount of time required on a residential shoot.

Farm and ranch listing vary considerably based on the size, topography, road conditions, and the different options for final video deliverables. A typically ranch takes about a half-day to complete the shoot. Occassionally, they take much longer — we’ve spent as many as five days on a single ranch when there are considerable improvements or a very large acreage.

How quickly will my photos/video be ready?

Residential photos are almost always delivered within 24 hours. Larger shoots take 2-3 days to complete the photo editing and upload.

Videos vary wildly, again, based on the duration, the amount of footage we have to sort through, and the scope of the deliverable. Typically, videos are delivered in about a week after the shoot.

What are the copyright issues, licensing terms, and other IP considerations?

We retain the copyrights for all of our photos and videos. Upon payment of your invoice, you are granted a license to use the deliverables for your marketing purposes. However, you CANNOT transfer, sell, lend, convey, or gift ANY of the materials to another party without our written consent. Often there is a fee applied to license transfers, such as to a new listing agent, a seller, a contractor, a builder, an architect, etc.

DO NOT give the images to anyone outside of your organization without permission. Copyright infringement is taken very seriously by our company, and the fines and civil penalties for violations are substantial. It’s not worth it… check with us first, please.

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