• FAA Licensed Airmen (Part 107)
  • Fully insured for up to one million dollars in property damage
  • Eight years of flight experience
  • A fleet of nine drones — each for different applications
  • Full suite of editing tools and experience to enhance your deliverables
  • Ten years of land surveying apprenticeship and GIS experience to create maps and data-driven products

Not all drone operators are created equal; not all drones are created equal; nothing is interchangeable. These are our mantras when considering drone and aerial projects. Yes, practically anyone can purchase a drone and get it up in the air, just as practically anyone can purchase a camera and take photos. But not everyone has the experience, expertise, and skill needed to successfully produce quality marketing and mapping deliverables that you can trust to represent you and your organization well.

Aerial Services We Offer

  • Aerial Photography — The staple for all drone operations, aerial photos capture the look and feel of an area in a way that no other vehicle or method can do.
  • Aerial Videography — As an addition to any videography project, aerial video is as smooth as glass, and can be either a slow and cinematic movement, or a fast and furious FPV tour.
  • Mapping — Drones are great at capturing extremely high resolution and timely images of property that are then rendered into mapping materials like orthomosaic, georeferenced images that can be used for GIS mapping, engineering, and architectural purposes. Finished products are easily inserted into Google Earth, ArcMap, AutoCAD, or other similar software for further planning and manipulation.
  • Topographic Maps — Using photogrammetry or LiDAR, drone data can be converted into contour lines and 3D point clouds for more intensive applications like civil engineering or precise architectural design.

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